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IRS Extends Tax Deadline for Hurricane Michael Victims.

2018/10/10 · In September, the IRS granted relief to taxpayers affected by Hurricane Florence. Residents with quarterly income tax payments due on Sept. 17 and Jan. 15, 2019, among others, have until Jan. 31, 2019 to file the applicable. 2018/10/13 · The IRS says it will automatically provide relief for people with addresses in the counties designated a disaster area. The IRS said in a news release it is taking this step "due to the unusual factors involving Hurricane Michael and. Updated The Internal Revenue Service IRS has announced tax relief for victims of Hurricane Michael. Those taxpayers in parts of Florida and elsewhere who have been affected by the storm have until February 28, 2019, to file. IRS extends Oct. 15 and other upcoming deadlines, provides expanded tax relief for victims of Hurricane Michael Read more here >> IRS extiende plazos que incluyen el del 15 de octubre, provee alivio tributario extendido a víctimas. The tax relief measures mirror IRS measures in the same declared disaster areas. Four Alabama counties were recently added to the list of eligible areas: Geneva, Henry, Houston, and Mobile. The department follows the IRS.

2018/10/12 · Port St. Joe on Florida's Panhandle was hard hit by Hurricane Michael. Residents of this small Gulf County, Florida, town now are eligible for special tax relief. Photo courtesy Florida National Guard via Facebook As. 2018/10/11 · If the IRS owes you money, well, your penalty is that you’re waiting longer to get your money back. Why are you doing that? Claim your return and put a little toward your bills, your emergency fund, your Christmas. According to the IRS, individuals and businesses can get a faster refund by claiming losses on the previous year’s tax return by filing an amended return. Personal casualty losses incurred by Hurricane Florence may be claimed as.

2018/10/12 · People who live or own businesses in federally designated disaster zones have until Feb. 28, 2019, to file returns for taxes due between Oct. 7 and Feb. 28, 2019, the IRS said. The agency said it moved quickly to. Hurricane Michael: IRS 1031 Exchange Updates Posted on October 10, 2018 by Tom Gustafson First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers go out to all of our friends in the Panhandle of Florida and beyond as Hurricane Michael makes landfall. Yes, the IRS typically extends deadlines for filing and payment in federally-declared disaster areas. The length of the extension will depend on the severity of the impact and may vary by location even for the same hurricane. MONTGOMERY, Oct. 23, 2018 – The Alabama Department of Revenue is offering tax relief to Alabama taxpayers who have been affected by damage caused by Hurricane Michael. The tax relief measures will mirror IRS measures in.

  1. 2018/10/13 · The IRS is offering this relief to any Major Disaster Declaration area designated by FEMA as qualifying for either individual or public assistance. “The IRS has moved swiftly to announce this relief for taxpayers affected by Hurricane Michael in advance of the Oct. 15 extension filing deadline,” said IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig.
  2. 2018/10/12 · The IRS noted, however, that because tax payments related to these 2017 returns were due on April 18, 2018, those payments are not eligible for this relief. The Feb. 28, 2019, deadline also applies to quarterly estimated income tax payments due on Jan. 15, 2019, and the quarterly payroll and excise tax returns normally due on Oct. 31, 2018, and Jan. 31, 2019.
  3. The current list of eligible localities is always available on the disaster relief page on. “The IRS has moved swiftly to announce this relief for taxpayers affected by Hurricane Michael in advance of the Oct. 15 extension filing.

– IRS Offers Help to Hurricane Victims: A Recap of Key Tax Relief Provisions Available Following Harvey, Irma and Maria IR-2017-160, Sept. 26, 2017 WASHINGTON – The Internal Revenue Service today offered a rundown of key tax relief that has been made available to victims of Hurricane. The IRS disaster relief page athas details on other returns, payments and tax-related actions qualifying for the additional time. The IRS automatically provides filing and penalty relief to any taxpayer with an IRS ad. IRS Info/Alerts HurricaneDisaster Relief ACA Last Year Data OrganizersProformas Updating to This Year Miscellaneous NetworksOperating Systems Other Software Functions Other Functions Generally ABCvoice W-2.

DOL has not mandated any additional COBRA deadline extension, as it did with hurricane Maria in 2017. Additionally, for victims of these hurricanes, the IRS has offered relief from a number of the usual distribution restrictions so. The IRS has announced that Hurricane Michael victims in parts of Florida and elsewhere have until Feb. 28, 2019, to file certain individual and business tax returns and make certain tax payments. The IRS is offering this relief to any Major Disaster Declaration area designated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA as qualifying for either individual or public assistance. 2017/09/12 · The IRS on Tuesday announced it was extending various tax filing and payment deadlines for those affected by Hurricane Irma. "This has been a devastating storm for the Southeastern part of the country, and the IRS will.

2018/10/11 · If you didn’t file your 2017 taxes in April, Monday is your extension deadline. Lifehacker reports failing to file your taxes by Monday will result in a five percent monthly failure-to-file penalty fine.2018/10/15 · TAMPA, Fla. — The Internal Revenue Service says they will extend certain October 15 deadlines until February 28 for victims of Hurricane Michael. The IRS says that includes certain tax payments, individual and.2018/10/14 · You can find more on the IRS' Hurricane Florence tax relief options in this post. Feb. 28, 2019, is Michael's new extended return deadline: The IRS is giving similar added filing time to folks in Florida who are recovering from the.
  1. Tell Congressman Neal Dunn that you appreciate their work to get meaningful disaster tax relief passed for 2018 disaster victims and that you believe both H.R. 1148 and the IRS Commissioner’s extension of Rev. Proc. 2018-09 or.
  2. Taxpayers who were victims of Hurricane Michael are breathing sighs of relief right now, as they have one less thing to worry about. The IRS announced its decision to offer a reprieve to the 16 Florida counties that FEMA declared a.
  3. Website Hurricane View Publications Forms Useful Links Related Link Disaster Publications Related Publications Publication 547 Casualties, Disasters, and Thefts Publication 584 Casualty, Disaster, and Theft Loss.
  4. The IRS has extended the October 15 deadline and other upcoming deadlines, providing expanded tax relief for victims of Hurricane Michael. The IRS is offering this relief to any Major Disaster Declaration area designated by the.

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